25 Best Free Apple Watch PSD Mockups and Templates

Apple Watch Mockups PSDThe Apple watch is one of the best smartwatches you can buy.

It is beautifully constructed, has a solid fitness tracker, you can add hundreds of apps on it and so much more! It has some bad points as well, such as the battery problem which lasts around a day, but it is one of the best designed and most capable smartwatches you can buy.

Its increased popularity has determined designers to start working on user interfaces and other design configurations for the Apple watch.

That is why we decided to ease your work and give you 25 best free Apple watch design resources, you can easily download and add to your freebies collection.

Apple Watch Edition Template PSD

This is a realistic, close-up mockup template of the Apple watch. Check out the PSD file for more details.


Flat Apple Watch Vector Template

This is a simple, flat-style Apple watch template which comes as a 100% vectorized file. It is available to download and use, with just a couple of clicks.


Flat Black Pixel Apple Watch PSD

Check out this flat, all black, Apple watch. This comes as a fully layered, fully editable PSD file which you can easily customize.


Space Grey Apple WatchMockup PSD

This is another grey Apple watch mockup, in PSD file, this time in 3D. Check it out!


Flat Apple Watch 3 / 4 View Template PSD

This flat apple watch template comes as a fully customizable Photoshop file. it is in 3D, but has a more conceptual style, rather than a realistic one.


9 Realistic Apple Watch Mockups PSD

If you’re looking for realistic mockups of the Apple watch, here they are! These realistic Apple watch mockups come in a fully editable PSD file. You’ll get 9 different mockups you can use.


Gold Apple Stuff Mockup PSD

This gold Apple stuff mockups set includes elements such as iPhone 6, Apple Watch, MacBook air and iPad.


Silver Apple Stuff Mockup PSD

This silver Apple stuff mockups pack includes Apple products such as iPhone 6, Apple Watch, MacBook air and iPad.


3 Apple Watch Sketch Templates

Here’s a set of 3 Apple watch templates, created entirely in Sketch. Perfect for UI, UX designers.


Apple Watch Wireframe Template For Sketch

This is another Sketch template for the Apple watch, with a more simplistic, minimal look. This has a wireframe style and it is perfect for UI/UX designers.


9 High-Quality Apple Watch Mockups PSD

Here are 9 high-quality mockups of the Apple watch, all with realistic features. They come as fully editable PSD files.


Apple Watch Line Mockup Vector

This is a mockup of the Apple watch, made entirely out of vectorized lines. Check it out! You can download and use it for free.


5 Flat Apple Watch Templates PSD

If you’re a fan of the flat design trend, these awesome 5 flat Apple watch templates will be very useful to you. They come as PSD files.


Apple Watch Wireframe Kit Vector

Here’s an Apple watch wireframe kit which is completely vectorized. Customize it as you please.


20 Flat Apple Watch Icons Vector

This is a set of 20 Apple watch icons with different app screens. This can be used for so many types of projects and will save you a lot of time.


Black Pixel Apple Watch Templates PSD

Here are two black apple watch templates that come in different dimensions, 38mm & 42mm.


Apple Watch GUI Templates PSD

Here are two Apple watch GUI templates, created as PSD files, which come in two different colors and two dimensions.


6 Colours Apple Watch Mockups PSD

Get the Apple watch in 6 colors with this great mockup set! Use it as you please and easily edit and customize it using smart objects in the PSD file.


Apple Watch Icon Template Sketch

This is an iOS app icon template designed for Apple watch. This was created entirely using Sketch.


Apple Watch Vector Template

This is another Apple watch template with a wireframe/outline style. Use it in your projects, for free.


Vector & SVG Device Templates

This awesome set includes elements such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and 2015 Apple MacBook.


Apple Watch Wireframe Template Vector

This is an Apple watch wireframe template which comes as a vectorized EPS file. Download it and add it to your freebies collection for later use.


UX Diagrams Sketch Kit For iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Here’s a useful UX diagrams sketch kit for iPhone 6/6 plus and Apple watch.


Apple Watch Flat Vector Illustration

If you need more flat design resources for the Apple watch, check out this one! It looks cartoonish and can be used for various purposes.


Apple Watch GUI PSD

This is an extremely useful set for UI designers. Get this Apple watch GUI in PSD for free.


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