Best resources to start learning Angular 2

Angular2Angular 2 is Google’s next iteration of the AngularJS framework. Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework with many templates available for use for rapid prototyping and creation of web applications.

As Angular 2 is very new, there are not many Angular 2 tutorials available on the web.

Today, we have compiled a few of the best resources on the web that will help you start learning Angular 2.

Angular Developer Guide


The official Angular Developer Guide by Google. This guide includes a Quickstart Guide as well as a more detailed Developer Guide. This is a great starting point for learning Angular 2, and includes guides in JavaScript, TypeScript, as well as Dart.

This is a great starting point for learning how to start a basic Angular 2 application, with guides on displaying data, allowing user input, and forms in Angular 2. There is also an Angular 2 cheatsheet provided for those who do not require a full tutorial.

Egghead.ioAngular2 provides comprehensive paid lessons for the many features of Angular 2: mobile gestures, UI components, forms, and more. It covers a wide range of topics, from learning template syntax to creating a “Hello World” application.

It is a comprehensive course that promises to cover the fundamentals of Angular 2 and it is well worth your money. If you are interested in investing in a paid course on Angular 2, is definitely a good choice.

ng-book 2


ng-book 2 is an in-depth, complete, and up-to-date book on Angular 2. It consists of multiple tutorials that show you the way through the new and confusing syntax of Angular 2, as well as guide you in topics such as porting your Angular 1 application to Angular 2.

With ng-book, you not only purchase a book but also plenty of informative and well written code examples. Every chapter of the book includes a complete project that makes use of the concepts taught in the chapter. If you are interested in an in-depth, comprehensive guide to Angular 2, ng-book 2 is a worthy investment to make.

Ionic Angular 2 Introduction


Ionic is an open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile applications with web technologies. As one of the earlier adopters of Angular 2 for a large project, the Ionic team is very experienced with the intricacies of Angular 2 and have published a series of posts on learning the framework.

Their first post is on an introduction to Angular 2, and makes for a good introduction to the Angular 2 framework. There are many other follow up tutorials on their blog, so check the Ionic blog out for a comprehensive course on Angular 2.

Awesome Angular 2


Awesome Angular 2 is a list hosted on Github of the best Angular 2 resources. It consists of Angular seeds, boilerplates, examples, tutorials, components, and many other resources for Angular 2.

Awesome Angular 2 is a comprehensive collection of links on many helpful resources for Angular 2. It is a great place to find useful tutorials and courses for Angular 2, find out which Angular experts to follow on Twitter, Angular 2 communities to join, and answers to many other related questions.



While the Angular 2 language is very new, it has a thriving community and many useful resources available for you to start learning today. Whether you decide to go for free tutorials or paid, premium courses, there is bound to be something for you online.

This post outlines some of the best tutorials available to start learning Angular 2, and we hope that it will be sufficient to start you off on the framework. If we missed out your favorite tutorial or course on Angular 2, do let us know in the comments.

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